How to destroy the Bahamas, a Guide


There is some really frightening proposed legislation floating around the Bahamas and they’ve given us about a week to let our opinions be known. I’ve looked at it and it does not make me happy, and except for a few people, I wouldn’t think most Bahamians would be too happy with it either.


  • By: Ted Williams

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Old damage to trout habitat is being fixed by dedicated land-and-water stewards, but seldom is heard an encouraging word.

Clean Water Showdown

  • Photography by: Marianne Morgan

By the summer—or maybe fall—of 2015 we will know whether an epic battle to save one of our most important environmental laws has been won or lost. The Obama administration is taking on polluters who were given a pass by the previous administration to defile waters of the United States.

Trout Infestation

  • By: Ted Williams
  • Photography by: Ralph Cutter

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THE feds and the State of California have wiped out self-sustaining trout in dozens of high-Sierra ponds with gillnets and electro-fishing gear; and they plan to wipe them out in hundreds more, some with rotenone. Should you care? Absolutely.

Should you be outraged? Absolutely not.


  • By: Ted Williams
  • Photography by: Chris Miller
Acid drainage from the Tulsequah Chief mine discolors a leaking containment pond next to the Tulsequah River, in British Columbi

IF YOU THOUGHT THE PROPOSED Pebble Mine in the Bristol Bay area was the most rash and reckless development scheme ever to threaten Alaska’s fish and wildlife, you’d have been wrong.