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Hunters and Anglers Fear Cuts to Conservation Programs Will Threaten Recreation Opportunities

American Fly Fishing Trade Association – American Sportfishing Association – Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies – Berkley Conservation Institute – Boone and Crocket Club – Bull Moose Sportsmen’s Alliance – Ducks Unlimited – Montana Wildlife Federation – Mule Deer Foundation – National Wildlife Federation – North Americ

The World Rainforest Movement: On Dams


- The devastating effects of tsunamis, big hydroelectric dams and other “clean” energies

Towed aquaculture fish pens break free

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Two towed pens being tested for offshore fish farming by Kona Blue Water Farms broke free from their tow vessel last week, said company co-founder Neil Sims. He said one pen sank in 12,000 feet of water, the other is floating and adrift.

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Celebrity Chefs, retailers, and leaders in nation’s food community call on White House and EPA to Save Bristol Bay

Nearly 200 sign letter urging protection of Bristol Bay salmon as kick-off to Save Bristol Bay Week in Washington, D.C.