Missouri Scores Second Major Success for Bobwhite Restoration

Missouri’s determined efforts to implement the Northern Bobwhite Conservation Initiative (NBCI) have paid off again, reports the Wildlife Management Institute (WMI). On the heels of the first official NBCI success in Scott County, Missouri, the nation’s second success story has been documented

Conservation Plan for Spruce Grouse Published

After more than three years of work, scientists have published the Continental Conservation Plan for Spruce Grouse, reports the Wildlife Management Institute. The plan resulted from a collaboration of spruce grouse researchers and managers, the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies Resident Game

Lame Duck Watch

Investigation Reveals Huge Gaps in Clean Water Act Enforcement

Current Legal Uncertainties Are Crushing Clean Water Act Enforcement:

Memo from House Government Oversight Committee, House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee

"It is time for Congress to stop the bleeding and restore full protections to our Nation's waters."