A big win for the impressive new coalition

BLM withdraws proposed energy leases in southern Colorado
DENVER (AP) - Federal officials are withdrawing most of the proposed oil and gas leases up for sale in a May 8th auction.
The U.S. Bureau of Land Management said Friday that it will defer offering leases on 144,000 acres out of the

Energy economics

Corn ethanol is squeezing out greener technologies. We need low-carbon fuel standards instead.
To the annals of market manias and regulatory follies, a new chapter is being added: The Great Ethanol Bubble of 2008. It is possible that someday a fuel made from a cheap, abundant, renewable crop

Congress is pushing another shale sham

Perhaps it's too much to expect that senators from other states would pay attention to what is actually happening in the oil shale world today as they blather about increasing U.S. oil production. But we had hopes that Colorado's own Sen. Wayne Allard would know the score.