By Hand, or By Net?

Plus finding the right Spey-casting lines, and more weighty matters.


More steelhead, canoe anchors, worm balls and the lives of fly rods

Ask FR&R

  • By: Buzz Bryson
Mastering the strip strike is critical if you want to hook certain saltwater species such as tarpon  Try NOT to lift the rod

Mastering the strip-strike, how to recycle your leaders and calculate a fish's weight.

Stack Mends Fly Flotant & Cleaning Fish

Can you explain a "stack mend" to me? When? How? A stack mend is used to create a pile, or stack, of line to facilitate a drag-free drift, typically on a downstream-and-across presentation that crosses multiple current seams. In its simplest form, the angler is feeding line directly downstream from his

More on Fleece

More on Fleece Thanks to Buzz Bryson ["Ask FR&R," Jan/Feb '08] for explaining why fleece is so valuable in increasing enjoyment in our outdoor experiences. He triggered some further thoughts on this topic. There is a larger environmental concern here about use of plastics in our sport, in general.

Salmon Endangered by Sea Lice

Pink salmon may be extinct in eight years due to sea lice infestations, a new study finds.

High Praise for Reading Issue


You selected some fine writing for this year's Traver Award winner and runners-up [November/December]. After reading them, I can see that my entry has some growing to do. Thanks for the surprise issue. It arrived yesterday and was devoured last night. I'm glad to see that the well was filled again. I

How much gear is too much?

  • By: Buzz Bryson
Although it      s tempting to pack your vest with every conceivable piece of gear  moderation is the key to an organized and li

What to bring and what to leave; circle hooks and more

Whirling Disease Foundation and TU Merge

Trout Unlimited (TU) and the Whirling Disease Foundation (WDF) announced plans to formally merge the two organizations in an effort to combat the growing problem of aquatic nuisance species and their effect on the nation's trout and salmon.