Entry #3: Personal Fishing Stories

A Way of Life

Anyway, I was fishing it and out of the depths comes a nice 16-inch Brown that cartwheeled out of the water and tried his best to rip the rod out of my hand. I landed him and was satisfied. I kept fishing and a few casts later, BAM, an awesome 18-inch Rainbow, my biggest fish landed since I have been here. I have hooked up with bigger fish on the Platte using the Gator but lost them. I was pretty pumped and went to put my rod down and watch my friends and drink a beer.


Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility July 27, 2007 In September 2000 National Park Service (NPS) Director Robert Stanton signed the Off Road Vehicle (ORV) Plan for Big Cypress National Preserve in Florida. The key provision of the Plan designates


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The need to save our wild horses (HUH?)

C'mon Ms. French. This is pure BS. Feral horses are a scourge, an invasive exotic that devastates fish and wildlife habitat. Leaving these aliens on public range is malfeasant and inhumane to the horses.