To Protect Cutthroat, the South Fork of the Flathead to be Poisoned

This will delight all who care about and understand native ecosystems. And it will set Ann, Nancy and the other chemophobes into full cry.

Maine Musician Shows Moosehead Lake is Something to Sing About

People who live there or who love to visit know that Moosehead Lake is something to sing about. Now, Maine singer-songwriter David Dodson is making the point with a new song he has just written, recorded, and released, called "The Ballad of

Wet Boots: An Introduction

Austin McPherson

Testimonial: Flyfishing in Dallas has its boundaries, and I can only fish for bluegills so many days out of the week without getting a little antsy. So I went to college in Virginia to play football and I found myself surrounded by trout streams. Virginia is not exactly a trout fishing mecca, but it sustained me for four years through college. I quickly became obsessed with fishing, and tried to go whenever I could. I worked on the Delaware River last summer and gained some incredible knowledge from some very talented flyfishermen at the Delaware River Club.