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Groups to Sue Shipping Companies To Stop Invasive Species 2

The threat is urgent, the solution is clear, and the law is straight-forward.Ann Arbor, MI (June 21) Conservation groups led by the National Wildlife Federation today announced their intent to file a citizen suit against several shipping

Silver on Hawthorne on Williams

Several weeks ago, outdoor writer Ted Williams wrote a particularly good piece titled "Robbed by RATS" published in "FlyRod and Reel" ( see ). The article explained, in depth, how recreation user fees are being used to facilitate the commercialization, privatization and motorization of recreational opportunities on our public lands.

Unintended Consequences Of Dam Construction

From American Rivers Dams may be coming down in North America and Europe, but dam construction is increasing in many other parts of the world. The ecological impacts of dams on river flow and ecology are well-known, but as so often happens, unexpected consequences