TU Stocking Policy

The National Leadership Council was asked to conduct a survey regarding chapters or councils stocking non-native, hatchery trout in streams containing populations of native trout. At the Annual Meeting in Bend, Ore, the NLC discussed this, and the following resolutions were passed by the NLC, the Organizational Development Committee of the Board and the Board of Trustees.

Sashimi Salmon, Alaska West Style

Don't Be a Wimp, Eat Raw Salmon
Was checking out a friend's site the other day and came across this recipe made by another friend, Chris Price. Price works at Alaska West for Andrew Bennett and Deneki Outdoors. Price and I grew up together in a duck blind and when I was fishing AK West a few years ago we asked each other a series of questions that promted memories in our heads, until, until, after, like, 38 years of having not seen each other we realized that we were reunited. Crazy weird, but so fly fishing. World is small for sure.

Thomas wins Society of Animal Artists Award

Have some cool news to share about my father, Fred Thomas, who's been a wildlife illustrater for 30-some years and a lifelong hard-core outdoorsman.