From Scott Silver, Wild Wilderness

The appended article appears in the current edition of the BlueRibbon Coalition's magazine. It speaks of a high level meeting involving leaders of the recreation industry and their counterparts/partners within the Department of Interior. According to the BlueRibbon

Its not just global warming, its local warming

Statement by Larry Schweiger National Wildlife Federation President On Release of IPCC Working Group II Report Washington, DC (April 6) "The world's preeminent scientists are telling us with unmistakable clarity that it's not just global warming,

Spectacular Courtship Display of Rare Hummingbird Filmed For First Time

Endangered Species Drawing Birdwatchers to Peru (Washington DC, 5 April, 2007) American Bird Conservancy (ABC) today released the first ever film of the spectacular courtship display of the Marvelous Spatuletail, a highly endangered hummingbird that lives in