The BRC is lower than Whale Scat

And if they hate SRR, we all better join SRR. Must be a great outfit.

Fishpond Offers Three New Waistpacks

Fishpond carved a name for itself making great angling-specific bags and this year they've gone back to the well with three updated new designs.


Fishpond Nimbus Guide Pack

The Nimbus Guide Pack is a monster hip bag with enough space to stash a jacket, fly box (and heck, probably even a sleeping bag!)  Retailing for $109, it's intended for serious all-day angling in places where weather might change rapidly.

New from Scott Fly Rods for 2011

Scott Fly Rods is one of those companies that usually refreshes certain series in a predictable pattern.  Their bread-and-butter fast action trout and salt rods (the S4 and S4s respectively) are still in the middle of their cycle, but it's time for them to unveil their middle-range rods, and they've done something surprising this time around, with three new models.  Previously, the A3 series (descended from the Scott "Alpha" line) had included both single and two-handed rods.

Scott A4 (Click to Enlarge)

Scott A4 (Click to Enlarge)

 This year, the new A4 series will run only in single-hand models, starting with a 7 1/2-foot 3-weight and running up to a 9-foot 12-weight, all for the same price of $375.  The A4 has been updated to be lighter, faster, and have better quality wraps and components (Check out Scott President Jim Bartschi's audio interview here!)