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Lynx, Lies, and Media Hype

Armed with media reports that state and federal scientists tried to lock up public land by "falsifying" lynx data, conservative politicians are lashing out at the Endangered Species Act. They angrily proclaim that there has been "unethical behavior" and "malicious

Guns and Greens

Audubon Jan. 2005 Guns & Greens If sportsmen and environmentalists worked together, they would be invincible. By Ted Williams Possibly you weren't aware that your Audubon membership makes you an anarchist. Neither was I until March 2003, when the Federation


This from my friend Tom Rush, the best folk singer in America, and a wildlife activist who -- with his now wife, Rene Askins, former director of the Wolf Fund (on whose advisory board I was proud to serve) -- was instrumental in getting wolves back in Yellowstone.

Heard Around the Nation

A word about this regular section: It contains only outrageous, outlandish, and disturbing pontification. Any sensible, progressive, or intelligent statement will be instantly punted into cyberspace. Coyotes--an Anti-Hunting Plot This from the radical property-rights

AK Wolf Killing Illegal


NRA Part 1 The NRA, Friend or Foe of Hunters? ©2005 by Pat Wray I am a hunter. Like most hunters, I care deeply about our hunting heritage and our ability to pass it on. Like most hunters, I consider people and organizations who work on behalf of hunting

Letter to the OWAA Board

Letter to the Board of the Outdoor Writers Association of America from Ted Williams Dear Board: NRA president Kayne Robinson is angry and confused about an article entitled Natural Allies that appeared nine years ago in Sierra. In oral and written harangues

Should Anglers Re-invent Themselves?

From the Sept. 2005 Fly Fishermen. Posted with permission of author Should Anglers Re-invent Themselves? Paul Schullery We sportsmen used to have things pretty good. For much of the past century we could generally count on getting our way in fish and game management

Stripers Forever Symposium

Stripers Forever Symposium Press Release 1/14/06 %7E The concept of managing the wild striped bass on the Atlantic coast as a game fish for recreational fishermen by ending all commercial harvesting of the species will be discussed in depth by a panel of fisheries, conservation and socio-economics experts at a symposium to be held in Foxboro, MA. on May 20, 2006.