Ted Williams's Blog Archive 2006

Chronic Wasting Disease

It's my belief that chronic wasting disease is being overblown. I think it has always been around, and the current attention is an offshoot of our panic about mad cow disease. Actually, even mad cow disease may be overblown. Denny Crane has it, and it

More on the NRA

Below is Pat Wray's response to NRA sycophant Dave Workman. If you want to read Workman's screed, here's the link: Click Here Dave Workman,

Ernie by His Son

I had the great pleasure of knowing Ernie and fishing with him in Russia. He was a complicated, brilliant guy. As we age most of us learn to celebrate the best in people. So let us with Ernie. And may his and our flaws be interred with our bones. Click

Expensive Sea Otters

Twelve grand to move one otter to appease fishermen!!! And they just swim back home. Click Here

Chasing Silver

A pretty decent video…Click Here

Letter to Martha Stewart

Dear Ms. Stewart: While driving to my camp in southern New Hampshire at 10:30 a.m. this past weekend I was horrified to hear your report on what you called "ice fishing" broadcast on WBZ Radio and, as I understand from my wife, other major networks


From "Wild Moments" by Ted Williams, edited by Connie Isbell, Illustrations by John Burgoyne, Storey Publishing, 174 pages. Winter The "dead of winter" is an oxymoron. Never is winter "dead"; it only looks that way to those

Alas, poor Chittenden Bank.

The radical anti-wilderness, property-rights zealots who drag down the image of sportsmen nationwide are gaining a foothold in New England--especially Vermont. Their outrageous behavior, however, disturbs me less than some of the reactions to it by rational

Polluted Killer Whales

PCB-Tolerant Killifish

When I was sent to New Bedford Harbor by Audubon to report on PCB contamination I slipped on the wife's dishwashing gloves and reached down into the muck. These oil-like globules floated to the surface. I had been told by the EPA that the muck contained