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Klamath dams to be removed under new deal

State of Our Trout

State of Our Trout

By Ted Williams

Part I

All across our nation, but especially in the West, unique species and subspecies of trout are in desperate trouble. Remnant populations hang on mostly in headwaters where natural barriers protect them from competition, predation and introgression

What the Hell is a Geoduck?

In Washington State’s Puget Sound, the world’s largest burrowing clams have spawned a fledgling aquaculture industry as well as a battle over beach access, aesthetics, and possible damage to birds, fish, and other marine life. But the issues of environmental stewardship are far from black

Why Palin Still Matters

“It happened because John McCain is an incompetent and a cynic and reckless beyond measure.” Indeed, and if he picked this poor, inept woman as VP, who would he have picked for Interior Secretary? James Watt?