Ted Williams's Blog Archive 2009

Alternative to Coal

New study shows investing in efficiency instead of Wise County coal plant would save most Virginia families up to $91 a year

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Blessing of the Fleet

Finally - in Islamorada, Florida, the blessing of the fleet went somewhat awry, when captains could not control their large charter sport fishing boats. Two rammed a bridge upon which the priest was standing, and one person was slightly injured. Not quite the way they had hoped to start the new year.

Water Court Finalizes Decree to Benefit Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park

MONTROSE, CO – Last week, the water court in the Gunnison River basin entered a decree formally adopting an agreement between the United States, conservationists, water users, the State of Colorado, and others that will recognize and protect water rights for river flows in Black Canyon of the

Poaching Stripers

Stripers Forever members - from time to time we pass along reports on illegal catches that make the news. This report, in particular, illustrates the problems that commercial fishing creates for any accesible species, such as striped bass. Check out this link.