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Environmental soap opera along US-Mexico border

This writer is moron who doesn’t know what he’s talking about. I’ve been down there, inspecting the fence. It’s a $5 billion joke to appease Midwest crazies. The only thing it interdicts is wildlife; and it promises to wipe out U.S. populations of mammals that must trade between the border for genetic viability.

“Scientific Forestry” in Canada

These graphic photos show whole tree biomass (forestry certified) logging in Nova Scotia. Such is “scientific forestry”--doublespeak for timber mining--in Canada. And, alas, the U.S. taught them all their bad habits. http://picasaweb.google.com/bocabec/PulpwoodBiomassHarvestingInNSNorthernPulp?feat=email#

Culling Deer

Tony is a super guy, a dedicated wildlife conservationist, and my son’s professor at Yale. I’ve interviewed him several times for my deer-irruption reporting for Audubon. I’m glad OL didn’t come out against his vital work, though I would have liked to see some support via an explanation of why there’s no other way.

Lead is Poison Hunters and Anglers Don’t Need and Can No Longer Afford

This just in from my friend Dr. Mark Pokras:

We have a wonderful opportunity to change the face of US policy on Pb
for fishing and hunting gear...but a very short window for action.