Ted Williams's Blog Archive November, 2011

Don't Let Dirty Politics Spill Into Your Clean Water

As we get ready to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Clean Water
Act, we are seeing yet another attempt to gut the protections that
keep your drinking water safe.

New Publication Provides Comprehensive Solutions to Halt Massive Bird Kills From Building Collisions

Contact: Robert Johns, 202-234-7181 ext.210, bjohns@abcbirds.org
(Washington, D.C., November 15, 2010) As part of a national-level program to reduce the massive and growing number of bird deaths resulting from building collisions in the United States, American Bird Conservancy (ABC), the nation’s leading bird conservation organization, today announced the availability of a new, national publication, American Bird Conservancy’s Bird-Friendly Building Designs.

Kentucky Elk

Speak Up for Stripers

The MA Div. of Marine Fisheries (DMF) will be holding public hearings on two important conservation measures that will have an immediate impact on saving our stripers. You can help stop the wasteful killing of stripers by voicing your support for these two proposals. The DMF is doing something right. Let’s let them know we have their back on this.