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Extinction of Endangered Birds May be Avoided by Massive Tree-Planting Efforts in Peru

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(Washington, D.C., March 7, 2012) Extinction of endangered

new ethics/reporting code at NPR

This is a good read. So much, hopefully, for the old "he said, she said" reporting.

Rehberg says you're a fake

Ben writes:

Please pass this on: Rehberg says you're a fake
Denny Rehberg is defending his anti-hunting, anti-habitat HR 1581 by attacking YOU. “Over the past few years, radical environmentalists have started pretending to be ‘hunters and anglers,’ re-branding their anti-jobs agenda to seem like it’s in the best interest of the outdoor sporting community."

Really, Denny? Really? You're saying my friends are phony hunters and anglers? Really?

Gaspe Salmon Doing Well