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Fiji Dive

Striper Bill Backed by Keep America Fishing

Angler Support Requested to Conserve Massachusetts' Striped Bass Fishery Two weeks ago, KeepAmericaFishing™ asked anglers to rally behind legislation (H.260) that will designate striped bass as a game fish in Massachusetts' state waters. Hundreds of anglers wrote in and testified in support of this bill, but there is still more work to be done.

Striper Hearing

From Stripers Forever:

Unsaintly Saints

This has nothing to do with fishing or conservation. But it does have something to do with sportsmanship. I’m old enough to remember when sports were played by sportsmen. While I was only a football hacker, the idea of injuring someone by mistake was anathema to me and my teammates. Injuring someone on purpose was unthinkable.

Wildlife "Management" AK Style

More proof of my theory that the most beautiful places breed the ugliest people.

And in the apt words of my pal from CO: