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Judge rejects challenge by environmental groups on sage grouse listing

This species needs some kind of protection. But, unfortunately, Western Watersheds Project and WildEarth Guardians (along with the Center for Biological Diversity) have paralyzed the Fish and Wildlife Service with their endless appeals and lawsuits. There is nothing that they don’t want listed. There has to be some kind of priority in listing and it has to be decided by wildlife professionals. These groups (staffed by non-biologists) have made professional prioritizing impossible.

Tred Barta Update

A brave, tough guy who does it the Barta way:

Dear Tred Barta Supporters,

It has now been 2 ½ years since Tred’s spinal stroke which has left him a T4 paraplegic (arm pits down) and the blood cancer that we discovered 4 weeks after the stroke. The doctors still don’t know what caused the stroke or if the blood cancer has anything to do with it. While we were fighting the cancer in the drastic early stages, he lost all of his handicap rehabilitation benefits and we had to learn it later on our own or with the help of friends. The initial chemo damaged his liver and kidneys so severely that we were basically fighting for his life in August 2009. So, from paralysis, to cancer, to fighting for his life and now being trapped inside for 4 months, he had mentally given up.