Ted Williams's Blog Archive August, 2012

Great Comment from Worceter Telegram Online

...Re. the absurd, embarrassing position of the city and Bob Moylan, commissioner of Worcester Dept. of Public Works and Parks who is trying to return Worcester from the late 20th century (where it is now) to the 19th. Now Moylan is telling the city to "gut the Clean Water Act." Good luck with that. Bob just keeps digging deeper and deeper.


Conservation Hawks & Climate Change

Extreme heat, drought and forest fires are signs of a changing climate; hunters and anglers must work together to raise awareness and create solutions.

BIGFORK, Mont. – Todd Tanner, founder and chairman of Conservation Hawks, Inc., a group of hunters and anglers working to defend America’s sporting heritage, today issued the following statement:

When we started Conservation Hawks, we had a simple idea. We decided to focus our efforts on the most important threats to hunting and fishing. We looked at a wide variety of potential issues - habitat destruction, wilderness, pollution, sporting access, predators, changing social views, etc. - but climate change was far and away the largest threat on the horizon.