Ted Williams's Blog Archive November, 2012


...is now the biggest cause of water pollution in China, where hog CAFOs are increasing, blue-green algae blooms are rampant, Chinese fishermen are in big trouble, water tables are plummeting under cornfields, and in general, everything sounds uneasily familiar.

Baitfish Don't Belong Near Wild Trout

This just in from a fish conservation activist in Maine:

Court Asked To Stop Elwha Hatchery Releases

Today, four conservation groups asked the US District Court for Western Washington to halt planned releases of hatchery coho salmon and steelhead into the Elwha River until the Court has an opportunity to determine whether the releases comply with the Endangered Species Act (ESA).

American Samoa protects all sharks, plus three species of large coralreef fish in its waters

The Department of Marine and Wildlife Resources has promulgated newregulations protecting these rare marine species which took effect onNovember 11, 2012. American Samoa has acted to protect all sharks plusthree species of large coral reef fish in all the waters of the territoryof American Samoa. It is now illegal to catch or even possess: