Ted Williams's Blog Archive December, 2011

Did David Attenborough Behave Unethically?

An excellent essay that makes a very good point by my former colleague at Audubon:
By Chris Palmer

Earlier this month, the Daily Mirror in Great Britain revealed that famed zoologist David Attenborough, for his 7-part television series Frozen Planet, filmed polar bears in a zoo while leading viewers to believe that the animals were filmed in the subzero Arctic wilderness.

Around the Campfire with Dave Foreman

Piety, Prudence, Posterity

Perhaps the two topmost organizing dares before the wilderness and wildlife network today are to grow our web of friends among those who are politically middle-of-the-road or even slightly to the right, and among those in small towns and the hinterlands. Too often we think the only field where we can gather new backers is the progressive/liberal one, but clubs such as Republicans for Environmental Protection, Backcountry Hunters and Anglers, and Trout Unlimited strongly show that there are more than a few folks caring about wild things who are not progressives, who may even be conservatives. Now, when I write conservative I do not mean so-called “movement conservatives,” shills for big business, or Tea Baggers, but the many folks who still have the values of “traditional conservatism,” which more or less lost its seat in the Republican Party in the Reagan years. Indeed, some of the bedrock values for traditional conservatives, but not for today’s highly partisan right-wingers, are also bedrock values for wilderness and wildlife conservation—such as piety, prudence, and posterity.