Ted Williams's Blog Archive June, 2013

last CO grizzly

A friend just sent me this link to a 12-minute video I’d not seen before—an interview with Ed Wiseman, the guy who killed what may have been the last CO grizzly, in 1979, with a hand-held arrow. Those who have heard of the incident but not read the GG book naturally, as I did, conclude that Wiseman must have shot the bear first. Not so. It happened exactly as he describes it.

Feral Horse Budget

http://www.rgj.com/viewart/20130620/NEWS/306200055/30-in-U.S.-House-want-to-reign-in-BLM-s-wild-horse-budget?source=nletter-news The way to save money here is to euthanize the excess, not let them multiply forever.