Entry #3: Personal Fishing Stories

A Way of Life

Anyway, I was fishing it and out of the depths comes a nice 16-inch Brown that cartwheeled out of the water and tried his best to rip the rod out of my hand. I landed him and was satisfied. I kept fishing and a few casts later, BAM, an awesome 18-inch Rainbow, my biggest fish landed since I have been here. I have hooked up with bigger fish on the Platte using the Gator but lost them. I was pretty pumped and went to put my rod down and watch my friends and drink a beer. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed a dimple in the water and what I thought was a nice square tail dipping back under the surface. I got out my 3 weight and put on a sz. 14 Tan Caddis and walked upstream. I put it about 10 inches in front of where I thought he was and let it drift down. It was really dark, and I could not see very well so when I saw a swirl I lifted my rod tip.

Fish on.

My 3 weight was shaking up and down and all I saw was a tail flopping in and out of the water. Luckily a friend of mine was close by to help me net this thing. I had no idea how big it was until I netted it. That fish turned out to be one of the best looking Brown trout I have ever seen. It was around 20' and was bright golden on the bottom and dark brown on the top with black spots that were so apparent they looked like they were drawn on. It was right at dark, and was probably the best overall fish I have ever caught. Days like that make all my worries disappear. When I'm fishing I don't think about anything that's bothering me. I really don't think about anything at all. These moments make me realize how lucky I am to be doing what I'm doing when so many people will never get to see what I'm seeing right now out here. No worries.