Hatcheries Change Salmon

Three published studies zero in on changes in hatchery reared chinook and compare them to wild chinook. They found that hatchery chinook are changed by hatchery rearing; they diverge from the wild form in ways that affect their physical form, behavior, and survival.

Wild salmon and steelhead

Shallow gas wells could mean big impact on state land

Money is a powerful thing. Powerful enough to change mindsets. Powerful enough to transform environmental gems into industrial sites.
Powerful enough to open up 75,000 acres of state forest to natural gas drilling.
Late last month, the state Department of Conservation

Panel OKs bill to protect Wyo Range

WASHINGTON -- Despite protests by some senators worried about world energy production, the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee approved a bill Wednesday putting 1.2 million acres of the Wyoming Range off-limits to future oil and gas production.
Sen. John Barrasso introduced the bill

More CBM water in Powder River Basin treated

CHEYENNE - More groundwater extracted by coalbed methane operators in the Powder River Basin is being cleaned so it can be discharged into river drainages, and the trend should continue as operators move into areas of the basin where water quality worsens.
Last year, gas companies treated about

Economist: Trim use of biofuels

The U.S. and European Union should reconsider a shift to biofuels that has helped increase food prices worldwide by turning agricultural land over to energy crops, American economist Jeffrey Sachs said Monday. Targets to produce more fuels that release less carbon dioxide when burned "do not make

24 GOP senators ask EPA to waive ethanol targets

Allow more corn into food supply, McCain argues

Senate Republicans have asked environmental regulators to use their power to halt the country's plans to expand ethanol production amid rising food prices.
Twenty-four Republican senators, including presidential candidate Sen. John McCain,