Smoke and Mirrors Plan for Spotted Owl Ignores Science

(Washington, D.C. - May 16, 2008) The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service released a final Northern Spotted Owl Recovery Plan today that fails to incorporate the best available science concerning protection for the old-growth and mature forests that the owl inhabits.
"Under this plan,

Anglers must obtain federal permits

About time! This is the best news saltwater anglers every had, even though a large element doesn't realize it.

Out for Trout

Jackson in the boat.
Conditions this weekend did not look good for steelheading so we decided to go to a river close to home and walk the bank for some trout we hoped would be eager to move. We had some crazy weather on our way out which involved a complete white-out of sideways blowing snow, sleet, and cloudless blue

National Wildlife Federation Opposes Farm Bill

"This bill is a recipe for disaster for wildlife"
WASHINGTON, DC (May 12) - The National Wildlife Federation today announced its opposition to final passage of the farm bill. The House-Senate Conference Committee completed
their work on reauthorization of the farm

Pandering at pump: Gas-tax holiday is politics at its worst

Why would a politician promulgate policy that would boost gasoline consumption, enrich Big Oil, increase dependence on foreign crude, hasten global warming, rob the federal highway trust fund and threaten thousands of jobs?
Actually, there are two short and simple answers to that long-winded