Two-River Days

Swinging a fly for Oregon steelhead
Springtime in Oregon is a bit of an enigma, particularly for meteorologists since they can't seem to get anything right around here. The sun is trying to stab its way through the clouds while winter fights for every last cold day it can get. Sun, clouds, rain, wind, hail, snow, sleet. It's

Government Halts "Lethal Removal" of Refuge Puma

Yuma - State and federal officials announced a one-year halt of killing cougars on the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge days after Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER) said they would have to go to court unless the practice was ended. The announced moratorium on "lethal

"Fishery Failure" Declared for West Coast Salmon Fishery

"The Secretary must determine that the commercial fishery failure resulted from a fishery resource disaster due to natural causes, man-made causes beyond the control of fishery managers, or undetermined causes."

Snake River dams maybe??? Hello!!!

From NOAA:


WY: Pinedale fuming