Eagle deaths bring fine, changes

CHEYENNE -- A federal magistrate has fined a Texas-based energy company $10,000 and ordered it to pay another $10,000 in restitution in the deaths of two golden eagles electrocuted in 2006 by power lines leading to energy production sites near Gillette.
Dominic Domenici, resident agent in charge

Going, Going, Gone

Will the first new American bird discovered in a hundred years be the next to go extinct?

But given its delicate nature, inefficient mating system and the fact that a mere car alarm sounding off at a viewing site can affect an entire breeding season - never mind the pressures from development,

Public lands hold small stash of oil

The White House would like to open acreage to development of crude and natural gas caches
A survey of onshore oil and gas resources show public lands contain just over 30 billion barrels of oil and 231 trillion cubic feet of natural gas, but not all of it is available for development - something

Legislative Victory for Land Conservation

Congress Passes Conservation Tax Incentive for Family Farms and Ranches

GREAT NEWS! Following similar action in the House, the Senate last night voted to overturn the President's veto of the Farm Bill.
Despite an earlier procedural glitch, the final bill emerged as expected with our conservation

Bear Facts on the NRA

Some sportsmen see Wayne Pacelle and his Humane Society of the U.S. as the "enemy." (I'm not one of them.) But whatever you think about Wayne and his outfit, he absolutely nailed this piece. I wouldn't change a word.
Wayne Pacelle: A Humane Nation %7C The Humane Society