Images of The Year 2011

Each December, as the new year approaches, I take time to look look through all of my photos and take stock of another year spent fishing. To be honest, I was busier than I wanted to be in 2011 and felt like I didn't get much time on the water. But, when I look back at all the great photos that represent what I did in 2011 it takes on a different shape. King salmon in Alaska; skwala stonefly hatches in Montana; northern pike; tiger musky; redfish in Louisiana; steelhead in Idaho; cutthroat trout on my local waters... Looking at it that way, I feel like I had a pretty good year on the water and I vow to do the same in 2012. Here are some of my favorite shots from 2011. Hope you enjoy. Happy New Year.

Alpine lupine, western Alaska.

Andrew Bennett and a big brown trout from a lake in eastern Washington.

Yours truly with a carp from the Missouri River.

Redington and Sage rep George Cook with a big 'bow, eastern Washington.

Dan Summerfield and a big brown, taken on a dry skwala pattern, southwest Montana.

Shoving off, Bitterroot River, Montana.

A solid rainbow from the Flathead River during hopper time.

Big rainbow, big brown, big king salmon from western Alaska.

Backbone Media's Kara Armano with a nice Louisiana redfish.

D-Sum with a nice cutthroat

Kent Sullivan casting into the Bering Sea, western Alaska.

The mother of all midge boxes.

My daughter, Myka, hamming it up during mid-summer day on the water, catching yellow perch.

D-Sum with a nice Montana cutthroat.

Fishing the Rocky Mountain Front for northern pike.


Andrew Bennett with a big brown from an eastern Washington lake.