To Fully Protect Nation's Waters, Congress Must Act

Supreme Court Refuses to Clarify Ruling in Rapanos, Puts Ball in Congress’ Court
“The new Congress must make it a top priority to restore full protections to our waters.”

BIRMINGHAM, AL (December 2) – The Supreme Court’s refusal to hear a case that could have

Update on recent Florida freshwater turtle conservation efforts

The commercial harvest of freshwater turtles is a significant and growing conservation threat in Florida. Turtles are slow-growing, long-lived animals that take years to reach sexual maturity. It is our opinion that harvest of freshwater turtles is unsustainable, particularly when you take into consideration

BLM Scraps Wyoming Energy Leases Following Protests

50,000-plus acres withdrawn from federal auction after TRCP, others object;
decision affects important game habitat in southwest Wyoming

WASHINGTON – In response to widespread objections and numerous official protests, including one filed by the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership,

Latest Supreme Court Indecision on Clean Water Further Confuses Federal Protections

Refusal to consider government-requested appeal to clarify scope of Clean Water Act heightens need for new legislation to better protect wetlands

WASHINGTON – As the Supreme Court announced December 1, 2008 that it will not be considering a government-requested appeal in an Alabama case