Hello energy development and goodbye to the Rio Grande

The Sangre de Cristo Mountains. Black Canyon of the Gunnison. Estes Park. Certain natural landmarks in this state have an iconic quality, their names emblematic of what it means to live in and experience Colorado.

Consider the Rio Grande. It's the country's second-longest river, flowing almost

Climate Security Act: Cost of doing nothing is too great

The Climate Security Act is aimed at providing financial incentives for companies to cut greenhouse gas emissions and to limit the country's total volume of carbon emissions. The proposal, referred to as a cap-and-trade plan, would establish an emissions trading system that would let power plants,


Oil Company Grabs Top Agency Managers to Push What They Used to Regulate

Washington, DC - Since Shell Oil Company re-entered the Arctic market in 2005, it has avidly acquired the services of an array of former Bush administration officials who previously worked in the U.S. Interior Department