Thomas wins Society of Animal Artists Award

Have some cool news to share about my father, Fred Thomas, who's been a wildlife illustrater for 30-some years and a lifelong hard-core outdoorsman. Just a few days ago he was notified that his work, called Plenty For All, a depiction of a brown trout and a rainbow trout underwater during a mayfly hatch, with swallows flying overhead, was presented with the Award of Excellence. He joined nine other artists in garnering the award and his work will tour with the others in this years Society of Animal Artist's circuit. The award was given at this years opening at the Dennos Museum Center in Traverse City, MI.

I think Fred is pretty excited about the award because he considers the Society of Animal Artists and the tour to really represent the best wildlife artists.

Now doing art in perfect health is one thing, but doing it after a major stroke and massive rehab is another. That's what this story is about: a few years ago Fred had a stroke and lost use of, basically, his right side. He worked his tail off, and I mean harder than most of us would, and he continues to do so in physical therapy today. He gained the function of his right arm back, struggles some with his right leg, but he's still pumping out some of the best art in America and doing in style.

I'm byassed, of course, but this painting is super-cool and testament to Fred's creativity, love of the outdoors, and dedication to not only his work, but life in general. Join me if you want in congratulating him. You can view more of his work and e-mail him at To scan through all of the works that were chosen to tour, check out wildlife art There's some pretty amazing work to be seen.