Kamchatka, Russia Reopens for Fly Fishing


You like wild? Really, really wild? And you like some big rainbows and dollies thrown into the mix? Salmon, too? If so, you better make some excuses for the spouse, or build up a shore pass some other way, because this summer you once again have an opportunity to fish the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia.


Really? Thought it was closed?Well, that was then andthis is now—just recently, at the International Sportsman's Exhibition in Denver, Colorado, Will Blair pulled me aside and said, "Greg, I have great news. The flight from Anchorage to Kamchatka is back on this summer." That flight is run by Vladivostok Air and takes just four hours to reach Kamchatka from Anchorage.

Blair is part owner of The Best of Kamchatka, which hosts anglers in Russia and puts them on a couple killer river systems, the Two Yurt River and the Ozernaya River. Both places offer remote camps where you can fish for those big rainbows and dollies in solitude, like it was in Alaska years ago. If you can swing it, I'm telling you, this is an opportunity like few others, your best shot at a week spent catching those giant, leopard-spotted 'bows on mice, streamers and dry flies, plus grayling and some bigtime dollies. Check out all the images below. Dream a little. Check your accounts. Call Will Blair and sign on because these trips are going to fill up fast and I think Angler's Tonic and FlyRodReel online are the first places that have covered the news. Book now to secure a spot during the best weeks at The Best of Kamchatka.com