Orvis' online knot guide

I’ve been thinking about a steelhead trip sometime in the near future, maybe even this weekend. And since I plan on swinging up fish, I’ll be tying on Pick Yer Pockets and Intruders. When swinging those big flies I like to use a non-slip mono loop knot, but the problem is this: I’m only fishing steelhead once or twice a year now and the rest of the time I’m tying on trout flies with an improved clinch knot. So, by the time I’m ready for steelhead I have to get a refresher on my non-slip knots. An easy way to do just that is to visit

the Orvis Web site where they have an animated knot series that makes things pretty easy to learn. Want to tie the nail knot, the surgeon’s, the blood, or the clinch, among others? Hit the site and check it out. This is a great tool for beginners and an excellent refresher for anyone who’s headed out on the water. Here’s the link: