Bull Trout Mystery on Idaho's South Fork

Back in January I was speaking with Nick Coe, who works with Icy Bay Lodge out of Yakutat, Alaska, a silver salmon fisherman’s paradise. He spends winters in Idaho and recently sent a text with some interesting pics after fishing the South Fork Boise River below Anderson Dam, east of Boise.

Now, I’ve fished the South Fork a lot, but that was mostly in the 1990s and early 2000s. At that time the rainbow population was excellent, but there were very few

bull trout around. In fact, in all the times I fished the South Fork, and mind you a lot of those days were spent dredging with egg-sucking leeches for those oversized ‘bows, I only caught a single bull trout. That’s why I was surprised when, in January, during our conversation, Coe said he was catching lots of bull trout in the South Fork below Anderson Ranch. And then he sent pictures the other day, showing a bull trout that he caught.

So, instead of just wondering about it, I called Art Butts, a regional fisheries biologist for Idaho Department of Fish and Game, and I asked, “What’s the scoop on bull trout in the South Fork?” READ MORE