Whose Woods These WERE

As we have shared with you before, the Bush administration's FY2007 budget proposes to fund budget shortfalls by selling more than 300,000 acres of our National Forest land. The administration has portrayed these lands as "isolated parcels," but a review

What You Can See on March 14

From Audubon's Earth Almanac by Ted Williams and compiled in "Wild Moments," edited by Connie Isbell, Illustrations by John Burgoyne, Storey Publishing, 174 pages. Birding by Ear Great billows of warblers are now

Lake Report

A Remarkable and Impressive Paucity of Perch Lake Report March 4 and 5, 2006 On the frigid, windy morning of March 4, 2006 Scott, Drew, Westy, and I piled into Scott's truck (barely finding room for ourselves amid the morass of strange-looking

RFA-DE Rejects Saltwater License

In My humble opinion 57 percent of RFA-DE are idiots.

RFA-DELAWARE MEMBERS REJECT LICENSE PROPOSAL Members of RFA-DE were recently polled regarding their views on a proposed state saltwater fishing license. It was pretty clear from

Knot Tying

Sick Stripers

I disagree with the author about striper recovery being a "success story." We only manage fish we've nearly wiped out. I call it less of a "success" than a second chance. In addition, I have major problems with striper management