Farm Bill

With Congress Soon to Conference, Coalition Comments on Growing Conservation in the Farm Bill

On Clean Water Act Anniversary, Hunters and Anglers

*Ducks Unlimited*

House Cuts Wetlands Funds

WASHINGTON  The Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership's Agriculture and Wildlife Working Group today expressed its disappointment in the rejection of a proposed amendment in the House of Representatives that would have restored full funding

New Data Shows Brook Trout Imperiled Throughout Entire Eastern Range

From Trout Unlimited Contact: Todd Richards, 508-792-7270 Warren Winders, 781-878-1074 Kathleen Campbell, 571-274-0597 New Data Shows Brook Trout Imperiled Throughout Entire Eastern Range Massachusetts Brook Trout Populations Threatened by Dams and Roads ARLINGTON,

Trout Unlimited Speaks Out on Plum Creek

So Plum Creek's gonna be a "good neighbor." Okay…

Fly Fishing Museum's Lionizing of Darth Vader Attracts Attention of Newsweek and NY Daily News

Elimination of Conservation Reserve Program Proven Costly to Taxpayers

WASHINGTON – The Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership (TRCP) and its Agriculture and Wildlife Working Group (AWWG) today announced the results of a University of Tennessee study which indicates that planting land currently enrolled in the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) to commodity crops, including wheat, corn and soybeans, could cost taxpayers an additional $33 billion.

Silver on Hawthorne on Williams

Several weeks ago, outdoor writer Ted Williams wrote a particularly good piece titled "Robbed by RATS" published in "FlyRod and Reel" ( see ). The article explained, in depth, how recreation user fees are being used to facilitate the commercialization, privatization and motorization of recreational opportunities on our public lands.

Loyalties of Motorhead Industry Mogul

You might think it difficult to find even one high-profile public figure willing to express unqualified support for someone as loathed as J. Steven Griles. Griles, who served as Interior Secretary Gale Norton's Deputy until being forced to resign for his refusal to cooperate in the investigation of lobbyist Jack Abramoff, is said to have pursued an anti-environment agenda more radical than that of Ronald Reagan's Interior Secretary James Watt.