Transition talk: Ken you dig it?

The Center for Biological Diversity takes the machine-gun approach in its “environmental” lawsuits, lining up the usual suspects and opening fire. I’m not surprised that it doesn’t like Salazar who has been aptly described by the League of Conservation Voters as “an environmental

Wild-hatched chicks add to growing flock of California Condors

BOISE, Idaho – Two California Condor chicks fledged from their nests in the Grand Canyon in December, bringing the world’s population of endangered California Condors now flying free in the wild to 169. This is the first year that there are more condors flying free than are in captivity

Obama to Name Green Dream Team

America’s Energy Future Wakes from Long Executive Branch Nightmare

Turn on the news at 5:00 pm Eastern today and you can watch history being made.

At a press conference in Chicago, President-elect Barack Obama will announce his nominees for his energy and environment team, and we