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Farm Bill headed for fast track in House: Congressman Collin Peterson, chairman of the House of Representatives' Agriculture Committee, has indicated that he would like to have his committee begin consideration of the full 2007 Farm Bill in late June,

Land Use Planning Must Address Wildfire Plain

By George Wuerthner, 6-18-07 A few months ago, five former Chiefs of the Forest Service sent a joint letter to Congress. In that letter, the Chiefs warned Congress about "an untenable financial situation due to the way fire-suppression funding is being handled


From Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility Plea to Judge Blurs Line between Community Service and Corporate Networking Washington, DC Lawyers for former Interior Deputy Secretary Steven Griles are arguing that the convicted felon

Why Does Kibby Mountain Matter?

Every once in a while I run into folks who say something like this: "Why save the Boundary Mountains? Why not let TransCanada put a bunch of windpower turbines on Kibby Mountain and on the Kibby Range? Aren't they just back of nowhere? Most people

Griles seeks community service with motorized-recreation group

Instead of doing jail time for lying to Congress in the Jack Abramoff investigation, disgraced Interior Secretary J. Steven Griles has asked a federal judge to be allowed to do community service with the American Recreation Coalition and the Walt Disney Company

Mr. Magoo Goes to Washington

by Chuck Pezeshki In these last, decaying days of the Bush Administration, yet another of Idaho's adopted own is being called back to in Washington. Jim Caswell, head of Idaho's Office of Species of Conservation, has been tapped by his buddy, Dirk