FR&R Reforms ORV Users (Kind of, Maybe)

Herewith, a recent exchange initiated by perhaps a somewhat enlightened “Thumpertalk” moderator. Maybe if we can convince motorheads to at least not talk about their lawbreaking, we can move to the next step--getting them to cut it out entirely. While I salute Lukejt for objecting to litter and while I acknowledge that there are plenty of slobs who fish, I’m not sure what his point is. Is it his contention that because anglers trash the environment, ORV users don’t? (BTW, we probably can’t blame flyrodders for leaving diapers and bait containers.) Re: Riding in SE PA (legal/illegal) just as an FYI, we are monitoring this thread as well. Any post that directs people to illegal riding areas will be deleted. If you are looking for legal riding places, I suggest you talk to guys at your local bike shop and find out about some local dirt bike riding clubs. In northern VA, that's about the only way to get out in the dirt. The clubs have the ability to get land leases and insurance to protect you and the land owner. *** All the stuff TT is censoring and they let this one stay?!? Great post NOOB. Let's all add some more ammo for the Nazis to take away what little riding areas we have left. BTW fly and reel people, why not get your folks to clean up when they are finished? I find more trash at fishing holes than anywhere else. All my favorite spots from when I was a kid are littered with beer cans, diapers, fishing line, bait containers etc. I don't see what's so great about sitting in a pile of stinky trash…do you? Lukejt *** What gets me is the regulars who know better but are dumber than a bag of rocks, insisting on posting that they will continue to ride illegally. If you're gonna be a dumbass STFU about it. Noobs if you want to ride join a club and ride with them. As said often they have land that they are allowed to use for riding. ***