Something Radical--a Good Fishing Show

Don’t miss this. It should be excellent. Featured are my pals Amanda Switzer and Brendan McCarthy -- two very smart, very well spoken, very competent Montauk guides. Should be a wonderful break from blood-stained tuna/wahoo gaffers, pro athletes who can’t cast and were unknown even before they retired, giggling bass kissers. etc. Unless I wound up on the cutting room floor, I’m in it briefly. At least the ESPN helicopter was orbiting over my head when I was guiding for the TU Fall Blitz Party. (I’m at the helm of the green Contender -- “Assignment,” so named to enable my wife to tell editors and creditors who call that “I’m on Assignment.”) My son and cousin, who were on Amanda’s boat on different days with sometimes-seasick ESPN audio/video men and were into the albies big time, were not permitted to say “S…” or “F…” Were I so restrained, I don’t think I could fish. 10:30 a.m. Eastern time and ESPN's Saltwater Sunday TV schedule 4/30/2006 Striped bass…nice — Episode 1 introduces the five guides and sets the stage for what's to come. The guides are joined on the water by legendary author and journalist Peter Kaminsky, most famous for his book "The Moon Pulled up an Acre of Bass." It was a frustrating day for the guides most of the clients could not hook up despite the big bass blitzes. Welcome to Montauk! 5/07/2006 It Was Hot — Montauk fishing gets hot and the guides and their clients are all over it. Today was the day the Montauk lit up. One of the exciting things about living in the guide house is the interesting people who come to visit. Back at the house at the end of the day, the guides are visited by world famous snowboarder and singer Gretta Gains for a quick song out on the porch. 5/14/2006 Off With His Head — Word is out that the fish are in and this attracts tons of anxious anglers. Tensions run high during Montauk's fall run and now is no exception. Captain Matt Miller has an altercation with another fisherman on the water, which continues back at the dock. At the house that night the guides are joined by Kerry Heffernan, Executive Chef of the hip Eleven Madison Park restaurant in New York City. Kerry shares with the guides his famous recipe for stuffed striped bass. 5/21/2006 Another Day in Paradise — The guides are exhausted from fishing hard seven days a week and things get a little heated in the house when Capt. Matt Miller and Capt. Brendan McCarthy get into it on the beach. All types of anglers come to fish Montauk's fall run and Captain Amanda Switzer has a complete novice. After a few casting lessons on the grass, her angler out-fishes some of the more experienced anglers on the water. 5/28/2006 Mongo Choo Choo — The Redbone, a two-day tournament that raises money for cystic fibrosis, comes to Montauk. All of the guides are entered, but some are more serious than others. Captain Paul Dixon is fishing with billionaire Bob Rich and legendary Florida Keys fly tier and artist Tim Borski. The forecast is for gale force winds and rough seas but Paul and his anglers take a calculated risk to find BIG striped bass. 6/04/2006 Damn Fine Angler — A few of the Guide House guides are still in contention in the Redbone, with Captain Paul Dixon in the lead. Things are looking good for Paul and his anglers until his boat breaks down and he has to be towed in. After four hours at the dock., Paul borrows another boat and they race out to see if they can make up for the lost time.