The Obscenity of Splake

I do not question the factual information presented here. But I do have a question about splake that very few managers and anglers ask: Aren’t they and other man-made genetic cocktails a little (or a lot) obscene? I have no doubt that splake, wipers, saugeye, tiger muskies, and the like grow bigger and faster in certain waters. Triploid salmonids grow bigger and faster, too. But I see all such Frankenstein fish as an insult to the natural world and to the art of angling and to us as stewards of the wild. In my humble opinion Frankenstein fish are accepted and celebrated because we lack what outdoor writer George Bird Grinnell on the pages of the 19th century sporting journal *Forest and Stream* called a “refined taste in natural objects.” Fishing for splake? I would rather go shopping.