Endangered Species Act Saved

Its time to celebrate! Together, we stopped attempts to weaken the Endangered Species Act this year. Congratulations! Last week, the 109th Congress adjourned without passing a bill that would weaken the Endangered Species Act. The United States Senate rejected Rep. Richard Pombo's "Extinction Bill.” Pombo’s bill, which passed the House last year, would have seriously weakened the Endangered Species Act, our nation’s safety net for wildlife on the brink of extinction. Thank you to everyone who worked so passionately and diligently to support endangered species protections, by signing the Endangered Species Act Legacy pledge, organizing events for Endangered Species Day, calling your Member of Congress or speaking at a public hearing. We demonstrated that the American public supports strong protections for endangered species and habitat. • Tens of thousands of citizens signed the Endangered Species Act Legacy Pledge • The United States Senate unanimously passed Endangered Species Day, to celebrate endangered species success stories such as the bald eagle. • Endangered Species Coalition and our member groups organized 36 educational events for Endangered Species Day at schools, zoos, aquariums and other educational institutions. • Concerned citizens spoke in favor of environmental protections at 27 Bush Administration Cooperative Conservation listening sessions. • Over 30,000 people submitted comments supporting the Endangered Species Act and other conservation laws as part of the Bush Administration’s cooperative conservation listening tour. Many of you work every day to protect wildlife and open space in your communities. Because of your hard work and commitment, we can still see bald eagles flying in our skies, gray wolves in Yellowstone, or salmon jumping in wild rivers. The 110th Congress brings new opportunities to increase the funding and implementation of endangered species recovery programs. Next year will also pose new threats to endangered species. We expect Secretary of the Interior Dirk Kempthorne to propose administrative changes to the Endangered Species Act in the near future With your support and involvement, we know we’ll be able to support and strengthen endangered species protections next year and for years to come. The Endangered Species Act has survived because of the vast network of people and organizations that support the protection and recovery of endangered species and their habitat. Please support our efforts to protect and recovery endangered species and habitat by donating to the Endangered Species Coalition . On behalf of the Endangered Species Coalition, I want to thank you all for protecting our nation’s last remaining wildlife and wild places. We wish you and yours a happy and healthy holiday season! Sincerely, Sarah Matsumoto Field Director Endangered Species Coalition The Endangered Species Coalition is a non-partisan coalition working with decisionmakers from all parties. With over 360 member groups located all across the country, including conservation organizations, scientific associations, religious organizations, hunting and fishing associations, hiking clubs, humane societies, community groups, student groups and concerned citizens, we are as diverse as the species we are working to protect. Endangered Species Coalition PO Box 65195 Washington, DC 20035 (202) 955-5758 www.stopextinction.org