Stop Using [GAMO Adult Air Rifles] IMMEDIATELY

GAMO has discovered a “safety problem” with its “adult air rifles.” “We believe some of these rifles may accidentally discharge…You should stop using these air rifles immediately,” GAMO warns. Too bad GAMO hasn’t discovered the ETHICAL problem with its TV ad campaign in which it depicts all manner of “backyard pests” (as “outdoor guide” Steve Scott calls them) jumping and twitching as GAMO pellets tear into them. These “backyard pests” include protected game species such as squirrels, protected furbearers such as bobcats, and protected reptiles such as basking turtles. Yes BASKING TURTLES -- those pesky devils. Now GAMO is hawking a laser night scope so customers can continue their war against backyard pests 24-7. But wait! As GAMO wisely advises: “You should stop using these air rifles immediately.” Great idea!