Heard Around the Nation 2

A word about this regular section: It contains only outrageous, outlandish, and disturbing pontification. Any sensible, progressive, or intelligent statement will be instantly punted into cyberspace. From the Motorhead chatroom "Thumpertalk": Enviromentalists never actually go into the woods. Have you ever seen one there? I've been in and out of the woods all my life and I've never seen an environmentlist there…ever. They stay at home in their Big City apartments and worship their god, which to them is the "idea" of a woods where no one ever goes. The "Huggers" don't like mtn bikers, hunters or backpackers for that matter. Basically, at their core they reject the whole concept of human existence. For some reason, they've been able to inject their "faith" into the law of the land. To win, we have to align ourselves with other outdoor users and expose them as the earth worshiping wackos they are.