Something There is That Doesn't Love a Wall

The Rio Grande Valley in south Texas is one of this nation’s most biologically rich areas—home to our largest remaining stand of sabal palms, rare ocelots, and bird species found nowhere else. So why would the United States be planning to build a wall that would do little to stop illegal

YouTube Vs. CNN on the Clean Coal Debate

Source: YouTube
A new YouTube video raises the question of whether CNN's coverage of the clean coal debate has been biased by a multi-million dollar advertising campaign purchased on CNN by the coal industry through Americans for Balanced Energy Choices. The ad campaign, which began a year ago,

Environmental alarms delay needed U.S. oil drilling

Listen up, all you enviro-extremist pseudo-sportsmen. Big Dave here sez Big Oil luvs wildlife just as much as you.

Love that canard about how if elk show up on a well pad, it must be good for them. Um, Dave, elk, deer and pronghorn show up along roads all the time, and get blasted to smithereens