And Speaking of CATS and other Chemophobes Sabotaging the Restoration of Imperiled Trout

They’re being assisted by, of all people, ANGLERS—a certain breed of cat for whom “a fish is a fish” regardless of origin or genetic content, the conservation equivalent of Vichy French collaborators. For example, consider these brainless statements and brazen untruths in the following brief excerpts from multiple posts by multiple posters on a Maine sportsmen’s chatroom—not the KRO Fly Fishing Forum ( or Fly Fishing in Maine ( or any of the other enlightened ones, I’ll hasten to add. “Eradicating one life form to save another seems incredible [sic] unintelligible; not to mention it brings new meaning to ‘cutthroat’…. Poisoning all non-native fish from the Silver King Creek … has been a ‘controversy since 2002’ for a reason. [Yes. That reason is chemophobes too arrogant and lazy to read and backward sportsmen too selfish and ignorant to change their mongrel-fishing location for one season.] …Whose [sic] to say this thinking surely created many more ‘endagered’ [sic] species than saving them! [Anyone who bothers to read the literature.] …We cannot afford to continue trying to ‘undo’ what we ultimately destroy by perpetuating destruction. [Huh???] Whose [sic] to know of the long-term effects to all surrounding habitants should the poison be introduced? [Anyone who bothers to read the literature.] …So many other life forms will be effected [sic] and if they do not die, whose [sic] to say their offspring will not be effected [sic]? [Anyone who bothers to read the literature.]…. I never understood the concept of poisoning a stream to save it [That’s because you’ve never bothered to read the literature]….” Pretty depressing. On the other hand, there is also an element of informed sportsmen who understand that trout are wildlife, too, and who are able to grasp the importance of preserving the genetic integrity and biodiversity of this tired old planet. Here’s a thread from an enlightened forum that I found uplifting for several reasons:;read=317572&expand=1 One Response to “And Speaking of CATS and other Chemophobes Sabotaging the Restoration of Imperiled Trout…” Ted Williams Says: June 23rd, 2006 at 7:03 am To me the most maddening and moronic untruth being circulated by these chemophobes and Vichy anglers is the charge that rare-trout restoration amounts to “eradicating one life form to save another.” No one is even talking about “eradicating” mongrels and aliens; there are plenty of them in plenty of watersheds, and eradication would be impossible anyway. But there is a very real danger that the imperiled species or subspecies confined to isolated headwater streams and in desperate need of restoration will indeed be eradicated from the planet unless we remove the aliens that are outcompeting and genetically swamping them.