President Claims to be in Favor of Angling

How can the president “support” recreational angling when, at every turn, he undercuts the fish we angle for? From: The American Sportfishing Association President Bush Voices Support for Recreational Angling Declaration of marine protected area will not affect future of sportfishing June 15, 2006 – Alexandria, VA – Building on the concept of cooperative conservation and an obligation to be good stewards of the environment, today, President George Bush endorsed the importance of sportfishing saying that he expects the government to protect the fisheries to ensure good fishing and that “it’s in the nation’s interest that we have a robust recreational fishing industry.” Bush made these remarks in support of the sportfishing industry during his announcement of the creation of the world’s largest marine protected area. The new Northwestern Hawaiian Islands National Monument covers 140,000 square miles in a remote area of the Pacific Ocean, far from any centers of population and reachable by a two-day boat trip. Due to its location, this designation is not expected to have an impact on recreational boating and fishing. Mike Nussman, American Sportfishing Association president and CEO, and Gordon Robertson, ASA vice president, along with other members of the conservation and sportfishing communities were guests of the White House at today’s announcement. According to Nussman, “the unique and spectacular nature of this new national monument as well as its remote location makes us strong supporters of this idea. We appreciate President Bush’s assurance that he will work with the sportfishing industry to ensure we have a solid industry and healthy fisheries.” Nussman further said, “I am gratified that the President chose to recognize the important role that sportfishing has in this country and the significance of his public support of our industry should not be lost on anyone.” Robertson said that the President also voiced his support for reauthorization of the Magnuson-Stevens Act stating that “they (Congress) need to get that done.” “We wholeheartedly concur with the President on that issue.”