The Great Splake Debate

"Can you imagine a bunch of deer biologists sitting around saying, 'I bet if we got some deer together with some nice moose, we could grow some 500-pound bucks?' Of course not. It's absurd. When we have a problem with our deer herd, we address habitat and harvest issues. We don't just go out and create a new species." --wild trout advocate Bob Mallard, Kennebec River Outfitters, Madison, Maine A truly superb piece of writing by a smart Colby grad (if you’ll pardon the redundancy), rife with facts that Frankenstein-fish fans don’t want to know and don’t want the public to know. My friend and fellow White Mule Dave Sherwood, a rising star in Maine, is in the process of learning that the quality of outdoor writers is best measured by the intellectual deficiency of their critics. The grools, for example, have paid him the ultimate compliment. Somehow I’m left with the image of Swift’s “yahoos” dancing and leaping in the treetops, scratching their withers, shrieking, and flinging feces at Gulliver. Herewith, from their chatter-room, typical comments excerpted from longer posts: “…Maybe I should have titled this thread 'Behold the power of the DDAS [Dud Dean Angling Society, which objects to splake] Part II…' “…worst garbage I have seen written all year…” “…I am really disappointed in Sherwood that he would be so bias…” [sic] “…nothing more then a tool, behind an agenda in this fellas writings…” “…Sherwood's leanings have been more then evident right from the get go…” “…To quote a discredited ‘spinster’ [discredited only by Frankenstein-fish fans] and threat [sic] that person as if they were some sort of ‘gene guru’ is raunchy! They must have a double bed in that spin zone…” “…Shameless propaganda…….” “…I expect what he writes to be just what it is. Biased and old…” “…He may well be a member of ‘Stepford's’ DDAS…” “…I had respect for in the past, has totally been lost [sic]…” '"…one sided 'puff' piece of 'garbage'…'" “…I don't think having biased writers writing an article, is power. I think it's sad…”